Three Emeralds, by Dan Chamandy

Cunning mastermind with a shady past.

Double-dealing ally, lurking in the shadows.

And a relentless detective, hell-bent on cracking a cold case.

If you're searching for mystery thriller books best sellers 2023, “Three Emeralds” is nothing less than a roller coaster ride, a pulse-pounding adventure, where every turn holds a stunning revelation.

In the shadows of Innsbruck, Julian, a master thief with a troubled past, finds himself embroiled in a deadly game of deception. When a pickpocketing task morphs into an unexpected murder, a cryptic note propels him towards a path teetering on the edge of peril and survival.

Officer Erik, detective inspector, thrust into a precinct plagued by discrimination, becomes entangled in Julian's dangerous plot. As he navigates the undercurrents of betrayal and racial tension, the Undercover Investigation leads him to a looming heist and International Crime that threatens to shatter the tranquillity of Swarovski's emerald vaults.

In this one of the best mystery thriller suspense novels and Crime Thriller, Julian and Erik's paths intertwine in a pulse-racing pursuit of truth and survival. As secrets unravel, they face an explosive climax that could obliterate their worlds. Buckle up, the ride is fraught with unforeseen twists and turns.